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The Bahamas has put in place travel and entry protocols to minimise the spread of COVID-19 and our guests need to apply for a "Bahamas Travel Health Visa".

Visit the Bahamas Travel Health website for requirements and to apply for the visa.

Visa Information

US, Canadian, UK, and most European nationals do not require a visa to enter the Bahamas. For further information visit The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism website. An overview of visa requirements for all nationalities can be downloaded from the 'Visiting the Bahamas' section of the 'Non-Residents' page on The Government of the Bahamas website.


Transit Via the United States - ESTA or Visas 

If you are not a US resident and are travelling to the Bahamas via the United States, you will need to apply for an ESTA under the Visa Waiver Program, or will need to acquire a US transit visa.

IMPORTANT: All travellers wishing to enter the US under the VWP will need to hold a passport with an integrated chip (an ePassport). 


Passport Your passport should be valid for six months from the date of departure from The Bahamas. 

Yellow fever certificate requirements 

A yellow fever vaccination certificate is required from travellers arriving from countries with risk of yellow fever transmission. the same is required for travellers having transited more than 12 hours through the airport of a country with risk of yellow fever transmission. An overview of the countries which this applies to can be downloaded here: Yellow Fever Risk Countries. Further information can be found under the Visiting the Bahamas section of The Government of The Bahamas website.


We advise all guests to check the with their nearest travel health clinic for the latest vaccination advice, and to ensure that their vaccinations are up to date. Please make sure that you use insect repellent and cover exposed skin to prevent any insect borne diseases.

Country Information

UTC -5

English is the official language of The Bahamas, with a local dialect called 'Bahamianese' or 'Bahamian Dialect' being spoken colloquially.


Bahamians are deeply religious and Christianity is the predominant religion practised in the country.

The local currency is the Bahamian Dollar (BSD), but USD is also readily used. Cards are used throughout most of the country, especially in the tourist areas, although on some of the smaller outer islands only cash is accepted for purchases. ATMs are readily available in any major town.

Local SIM cards with a data package can be purchased pre-cruise from US$35. The coverage will be great on the islands and close to the coast.


WiFi data packages are available for purchase aboard Bahamas Master. They may be used on one device at a time, subject to availability and signal strength in certain areas.

The Bahamas has a tropical climate, meaning it is humid and hot throughout the year. The temperatures vary from 24 to 28 degrees centigrade with July & August being the warmest months and January & February the cooler months. Most of the rainfall occurs between May and November.

In The Bahamas, medical care is generally satisfactory and medical facilities are comparable to what you would find in most developed countries. The most modern facilities are located in Nassau and Freeport, however, medical facilities can be found on virtually all islands. Please make sure you use insect repellent and cover exposed skin to prevent any insect borne diseases. Any serious illness/accident would require an airlift to the US.

There are two chambers in Nassau equipped to deal with hyperbaric emergencies. Please note, neither will accept patients with insurance coverage provided by DAN Americas.

During Your Trip

Even though diving with sharks is very exciting and fun, it has inherent risks. The safety of our guests is paramount and we therefore adopt specific rules when diving with sharks in The Bahamas. To minimise the risks, all divers are required to follow the guidelines outlined in our Important Shark Diving Information.

It is important that you use the right equipment to fully enjoy your shark diving experience and to ensure your safety. Please consult our Bahamas Equipment Guidelines to see if your equipment is suitable. We have a large range of rental  equipment available for pre-booking and payable onboard as needed.

Our vessel is fitted with universal power outlets that can fit most electrical equipment. The vessel runs on 110V.

Wifi is available for purchase onboard Bahamas Master! Consult our reservations team for prices. The WiFi data packages may be used on one device at a time, subject to availability and signal strength in certain areas. The packages cannot be pre-sold.


Signal is only available when close to land as it is not a satellite data system.


  • Wifi will be available for most of Wrecks, Blue Holes, and Sharks & Ultimate Bahamas trips.
  • Wifi will be available for around half of Hammer and Tiger Experience trips (only when at Bimini).
  • Wifi will only be available for a short period after the boat leaves the marina and prior to returning to the marina on Tiger Beach only itineraries.

You can for all pay all your onboard extras by card or in cash (USD, EUR, GBP and AUD). Please note that, due to unfavourable exchange rates in the Bahamas, cash payments in currencies other than USD are subject to a 4% fee.

Credit card payments on board are subject to a 3.5% surcharge.

Drones can be brought into the Bahamas with pre-registration. to apply for registration please visit The Bahamas Civil Aviation Authority website.

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