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General Information

Insurance – Premium Diving & travel

Insurance – Premium Diving Accident

Master Liveaboards – Rates & Inclusions

Fuel Surcharges

Diver Certification & Experience Requirements

Information for Photographers & Videographers

Technical & Rebreather Equipment Request Form

Packing Checklist

Onboard Internet Access Guidelines


Itinerary info sheets

Grand Bahama Adventure 5 / 7 nights

Grand Bahama and Beyond (10 nights)

Ultimate Bahamas (14 nights)

Wrecks, Blue Holes and Sharks 7 / 10 nights

Useful trip information

Bahamas Trip Info

Shark Diving Information

PADI Bahamas Shark Diver Course

Equipment Guidelines

Onboard Extras

Technical Specifications

Hotels and Tours

Bimini Island Hotels

Grand Bahama Hotels

Nassau Atlantis Resort

Nassau Paradise Island Resort

Exuma Islands Hotels

Exumas Pig Beach And Nurse Sharks

Bikini Atoll

Itinerary info sheets

Bikini Atoll 10 / 11/ 13 nights

Useful trip information

Bikini Atoll Trip Info

Kwajalein Arrival Procedure

Hotel Ebeye

Bikini Atoll Tanks & Gases Info

Technical Equipment and Gases Requests

Onboard Extras – Bikini

Tech. Specs – Pacific Master

Hotels and Tours

Hotels Majuro

Beran Island Hotel & Activities


Itinerary info sheets

Best of the Red Sea 7 nights

Best of Wrecks 7 nights

Best of Wrecks & Brothers 7 nights

Brothers, Daedalus & Elphinstone 7 nights

Brothers, Safaga & Elphinstone 7 nights

Daedalus & St. Johns 7 nights

Deep South 7 nights

North & Safaga 7 nights

Northern Wrecks & Reefs 7 nights

Rocky, Zabargad & St. Johns 7 nights

Strait of Tiran & North 7 nights

Ultimate Red Sea 10 nights

Useful trip information

Hurghada > Hurghada Trip Info

Port Ghalib > Port Ghalib Trip Info

Port Ghalib > Hurghada Trip Info

Equipment Size Charts – Blue Horizon / Blue Melody

On Board Extras – Blue Horizon / Blue Melody

Project Shark Information



Itinerary info sheets

Master the Galapagos 7 / 10 Nights

Useful trip information

Galapagos Trip Info

Domestic Flights

Galapagos National Park Regulations

Galapagos National Park Prohibited items

Onboard Extra

Technical Specifications

Hotels and Tours

San Cristobal Hotels

Guayaquil Hotels

Quito Hotels

Quito Day Tours

Quito – Riobamba Tour

Rafting Tours

Galapagos Land Tour Options summary

San Cristobal 4D / 3N extension 

Santa Cruz 4D / 3N extension

Isabela 4D / 3N extension


Itinerary info sheets

Komodo National Park 7 / 10 Nights

Raja Ampat 7 / 10 Nights

Raja Ampat, Halmahera & Lembeh

Triton Bay & Raja Ampat

Triton Bay & Spice Islands

The Spice Islands

The Alor Archipelago

Southern Forgotten Islands

Eastern Banda Sea

Useful trip information

Komodo Trip Information

Komodo National Park Regulations

Raja Ampat Trip Information

Raja Ampat, Halmahera & Lembeh

Triton Bay & Raja Ampat

Triton Bay & Spice Islands

The Spice Islands

Alor Archipelago

Southern Forgotten Islands

Eastern Banda Sea

Onboard Extras – Indo Siren

Tech. Specs – Indo Siren



Borneo – Orangutan Discovery

North Sulawesi Discovery


Itinerary info sheets

Central Atolls 7 / 10 nights

Central Atolls with Baa 7 / 10 nights

Central & Southern Atolls 7 / 10 nights

Far South 7 / 10 nights

Northern Atolls 10 nights

Useful trip information

Central Atolls (Malé-Malé) Trip Info

Central & Southern / Far South (Malé / Kooddoo/ Gan) Trip Info

Northern Atolls (Hanimadhoo / Malé) Trip Info

Onboard Extras



Itinerary info sheets

Palau Islands 7 / 10 nights

Spawning 7 / 10 Nights

Useful trip information

Palau Islands Trip Info

Onboard Extras – Palau Siren

Tech. Specs – Palau Siren


Koror Hotel Suggestions

Palau Central Hotel

Koror Hotels

Excursion Sky Diving

Helicopter Tour

Off Road Eco Tours

Kayak Tours

Palau Islands Tours

Rock Island & Jellyfish Lake


Itinerary info sheets

Southern Visayas 6 Nights (Cebu / Moalboal)

Southern Visayas 7 Nights (Cebu / Cebu)

Malapascua & Visayas

Southern Leyte & Visayas

Visayas, Southern Leyte & Malapscua

Tubbataha National Park

Tubbataha & More

Useful trip information

Southern Visayas Cebu / Moalboal Trip Info

Southern Visayas Cebu-Cebu Trip Info

Malapascua & Visayas Trip Info

Southern Letye & Visayas Trip Info

Visayas, Southern Leyte & Malapascua Trip Info